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Great Stories

Every day has an example of a story that illustrates a principle of great storytelling.

Connected to God

Verses of scripture and prayer starters connect these story examples back to The Original Storyteller, God.

Take Action

Improving storytelling takes practice. So each devotional has an action step that puts the principles to use.

 The Book

The Book

Become a Better Storyteller in 30 Days

Stories are everywhere. They are the common theme shared by all people. They exist in every language, culture, time period and nation. Stories engage and entertain. They create emotion and empathy. Stories unite and connect.

But why? What makes stories so powerful? Why are they so universal? How is a good story able to penetrate the distractions of a busy world? What causes a story to activate the minds of people anywhere?

THE ORIGINAL STORYTELLER seeks to answer those questions through the lens of God’s stories. He is the first and best storyteller. His stories reveal the essence of all great stories. Take the 30-day journey towards becoming a better storyteller.

About the Author

Robert Carnes is a freelance writer and storyteller. He writes for a number of blogs and online publications. Carnes has worked for a number of years in marketing and communications for both churches and nonprofits. He currently serves as Managing Editor at the Orange Group in Atlanta, Ga.
Robert Carnes
Robert Carnes


Become a better storyteller in 30 Days.